3 by 3 arrangement of circles on a pick background. 8 circles are colored red. 1 is empty with a gray dashed outline.

Exploring the Impact of Culture on UX Research Methods

For my thesis, I wanted to explore what it meant to do good UX research. What started as a question on effectiveness morphed into an exploration of power, marginalization, and justice in design.

2 mockups of redesigned Connect IE screens on mobile: home page and search results page.

Redesigning ConnectIE.org

I thought Connect IE was a great tool whose social impact could be expanded with UX design. Working with real stakeholders, I learned about the challenges of grassroots development and the importance of aesthetics in gaining user trust.

Portrait photo of woman in thought. She looks into the distance with her eyes squitend and her head to one side. She has light brown skin, curly brown hair, and brown glasses.

User Research for the Time Travel Collective

In this group project, we explored the fuzzy monster problem of time travel as a service. Interviewing real people to gain relevant insights was a challenge. How might we ease user anxieties toward new technology?

Pink Swwetheart sticker that reads: XOXO -ASI.

Graphic Design for Associated Students, Incorporated

I was a graphic designer at ASI for one year. Working on a variety of projects with real constraints helped me develop practical skills and experience.

Visualizing California's Energy Resources

In this class project, I created a data visualization of California's energy resources. Selecting data and visual variables showed me how much choice there is in the stories we tell through data.

Designing the Comette Typeface

I designed Comette, a retrofuturistic typeface inspired by Futura and the Moon landing. Through my research, I learned how history defines typographical meaning and carries into our visual language today.